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Coming Together – Targeting Success

This is the introduction to an article by Jeff Fifield,  Curriculum Facilitator at Colegio Maya in Guatemala, which was published in NewsLinks:

Coming Together – Targeting Success was the title of Colegio Maya’s (American International School of Guatemala) Strategic Planning Summit.

It captured well the objectives for the innovative and dynamic event to generate dialogue in bringing the learning community closer together to set future targets for school improvement.

Utilising an Appreciative Inquiry (AI) approach, which aligned to the school’s culture, allowed the school’s stakeholders to engage in a meaningful and energized experience to begin creating the shared vision for school improvement.

The truly magical mix included students, teachers, administrators, parents, Board Members, as well as former members of the school community.

To read more about this wonderful event, download the full article

Workshop: 26 & 27 March 2010

The Art of Questions for Social Change:
Applications of Appreciative Inquiry

Date: March 26 and 27, 2010
Time: 8:30AM-4:30PM
Venue: William Penn House
515 East Capitol St., SE, Washington, DC 20003

A 2-day workshop for individuals, groups, and group leaders to gain a fresh perspective to an old idea.

This workshop is ideal for people in position of leadership, and for groups with projects or tasks that call for creative and innovative approaches. Teachers, community organizers, and people looking to build bridges for positive social change will all benefit from this workshop.

It is an opportunity to learn how to find common ground in a divisive world, turn dialog into action, and turn economic challenges into opportunities.

Sometimes simply finding the right question keeps people engaged, so we can find common ground, build community, and bring change to the world.  Appreciative Inquiry is a proven method for effectively doing this in the corporate, community and non-profit world.

Workshop Facilitators Marge Schiller and Joyce Lemke have worked with a variety of groups from schools to social service and advocacy groups to business leaders.  Marge is the founder and President of The Positive Change Core, and Joyce is an active member.  They have national and internation experience supporting education and youth communities with Strength-Based whole system approaches.

Cost: $125/person
($100/person for groups of 4 or more*)
$75 for students
Lunch is provided
Lodging is available
*groups of 4 or more from same organization/project

For questions, or to register:
Contact Brad Ogilvie
Phone: 202-543-5560
Fax: 202-543-3814

Download the flyer

PCC Board Meeting 1/12/10


The board meeting, conducted via telephone conference, focused on the activities of participants in expanding the use of strengths-based approaches in the education of children and increasing the practice of Appreciative Inquiry.

Two members (Sue James and Robin Stratton-Berkessel) described in glowing terms their experience of the Appreciative Inquiry Conference that was held in Nepal in November of 2009.  High points related to location, cultural diversity of attendees and applications of AI in the community, healthcare and spiritual arenas.

For more about the conference in Nepal, please see:

The group then brainstormed recommendations to make the website more dynamic including brief interviews of board members, stories of interest highlighting education in emergent areas, and stories reflecting the power of children and links to interesting articles.

An overview of Voices of Learning in Canton, Ohio. in which 6 schools participated, was presented and overall was a success.

The meeting ended with plans to complete the Leap of Learning Manual and enroll interested teachers, school administrators in the training before publication as well as regional offices of education and education boards.

More detailed information about the meetng (PDF download)

“What Works!” 26 Oct to 14 Nov

What Works! is designed to shine a spotlight on strengths-based approaches to preschool teacher–driven change in early childhood learning environments.

The conference will be conducted entirely online, so participants may attend whenever their schedules permit.

The real-time workshops will be recorded and made available to attendees throughout the conference.

Co-sponsored by a wide range of agencies and organizations dedicated to the education and welfare of California’s youngest children, this online conference is underwritten in part by a grant from the Packard Foundation to the Institute for Teaching and in part by additional funding from the California Teachers Association.

The conference is open for registration to anyone who is interested in or passionate about early childhood education.

What_WorksThere is no conference fee for members of the sponsoring organizations or for preschool teachers and daycare providers.

For other interested people, the fee is only $79 USD for three weeks!

What_Works 02For more information and to register visit the conference website.

Dick Gale
Manager/Program Director
California Teachers Association
Institute for Teaching
(619) 683-3990

Voices of Learners October 12-16, 2009

The week of October 12 is going to be different this year.  For an entire week, the eyes of Stark County citizens will turn to schools and youth.

The spotlight will shine on students and teachers, youth organizations and schools that are flourishing, that use their strengths to accomplish great things, and to make a difference in their communities.

PCC is co-sponsoring with the Stark County Educational Service Center an event that is not like anything Stark County has seen before.  Students, teachers, community leaders, parents, and visitors from near and far will convene conversations about excellence.

  • October 12 and 16 will be devoted to field site visits around Stark County and northeast Ohio
  • October 13 is the celebration kick-off at the new and beautiful GlenOak High School in Plain Local Schools
  • October 14 will be at the Timken Senior High School Campus, where students’ graduation rates and achievement are leaping upward
  • October 15 will be at Stark State College, a day to congratulate local schools of higher education for their many contributions to our community and our young people

Sound intriguing? We hope so!

If you’re from Stark County, we need you, your students and staff to help finalize our plans, nominate your outstanding programs, and to come join us as we explore teaching and learning in hands on, intergenerational groups.  It will be fun, join us – you’ll be glad you did!

And to those of you elsewhere in the world, please “Watch This Space”.

We’ll be posting some updates to share our journey with you between now and October – and we know we’ll have lots of news to share with you after the event!

Voices Of Learners Registration Form

Please email Joyce Lemke or call her on 330-705-0793 if you you have any questions or would like further information.

AI Foundations Course – May 2009

Date: May 11-13 2009
Time: 8.30 am to 4.30 pm
Location: William Penn House
515 East Capitol St., SE Washington, DC 20003
An Approach for Faster and Deeper Understanding of Change

A 3-day workshop for individuals, groups, and group leaders to gain a fresh perspective on an old idea. It is an opportunity to learn how to turn dialog into action.

This workshop is ideal for people in position of leadership, and for groups with projects or tasks that are calling for creative and innovative approaches.

Course facilitators, Marge Schiller PhD. and Joyce Lemke, have worked with a variety of groups from schools to social services, and advocacy groups to business leaders. For three days, they will be at The William Penn House teaching a dynamic and life-changing course.

$150/person ($125/person for groups of 4 or more*) CEU/CEC available for some professions
*groups of 4 or more from same organization/ project

For questions, or to register, contact
Brad Ogilvie
Phone: 202-543-5560
Fax: 202-543-3814

The William Penn House is located in the historic Capitol Hill neighborhood, convenient to DC Metro

Download Flyer

Asking Great Questions – April 2009

Asking Great Questions … get GREAT results!

The Art of Creative Dialog

Date: April 20-22 2009
Time: 8.30 am to 4.30 pm
Location: Duncan Conference Center, Delray Beach, Florida

We have been taught to look for the right answers but perhaps it’s actually the questions that determine our quality of life! You may have spent time and energy finding answers, but we’d like to suggest that the real answer lies in the questions we ask of ourselves and each other. When you ask a question, you open worlds.

Why settle for less?

Learn to build strengths on strengths.  Energize the BEST in people AND your church, organization, or business.

This two day workshop is part of a series on Appreciative Inquiry and Leadership. It is appropriate for those who are new to Appreciative Inquiry and those who have had experience.

Workshop facilitators, Marge Schiller PhD. and Joyce Lemke, have worked with a variety of groups from schools to social service, and advocacy groups to business leaders. Marge is the author and editor of “Appreciative Leaders: in the Eye of the Beholder”. Joyce is a noted educator and thought leader for Appreciative Inquiry.

Cost $185 per person with lunch; 3+ from one organization @ $165 ea.

Download flyer and registration form

Or contact Deb McLaughlin
The Duncan Conference Center
15820 S. Military Trail Delray Beach, Fl. 33484
Phone: 561-496-4130

Note: The Duncan Center has overnight accommodations for 80 people. Semi-private rooms with private bath. Rooms are spacious and quiet with small lounge areas in each building. Each room fitted with twin beds and some queen beds, and has its own library, clock radio, and individual climate controls.