About Us


“We have two possibilities, we can look at what works or we can look at what doesn’t work. Whatever we look for is what we are going to find.”

Dr. Marjorie Schiller, Founder, Positive Change Core

The Positive Change Core fosters strengths-based knowledge and the use of such practices for all who interact with education, schools, and youth.  An international organization promoting the innovation and transformation of educational communities and systems, PCC embraces change agents responding to the irresistible invitation to co-construct a positive future for our young people and those who influence young lives.  Central to our work is the inclusion of all members of the community in the conversation – including young people – including you.

Our mission is to partner and unite with those who work with schools and youth and help build on the best of what already exists in order to create the brightest, most imaginative future possible. We are dedicated to enabling rapid, sustainable, contagious transformation.

The sustainable changes required to support the growth of education, schools, and youth emerge through strengths-based collaborative efforts that include parents, children, grandparents, educators, administrators, business owners, and all other stakeholders in a community conversation. The Positive Change Core focuses on providing the “way-power” to promote and deliver efforts that tap into the collective capacity of multiple stakeholder groups and multiple generations. When a “maximum mix” of individuals is brought together, their collective strengths may best be leveraged in order to create an even more positive future for all.

Our Logo – At the core of the Positive Change Core is the belief that “maximum mix is magic”. Like a bag of colored candies that our logo is meant to depict, the better the mix is, the better the product is. Intergenerational, multiple stakeholder engagement creates the greatest potential for sustainable positive change.

Our Founding Story – you may be interested in reading the evolution of our story.

As a collaborative global community dedicated to serving education, schools, and youth, we offer a sustainable appreciative practice that facilitates community conversations of change and partnership.

How do we begin? With a conversation…

We look forward to connecting with you!