“Tomorrow’s world lives in today’s classroom”

The future of our children and the world is in our hands.

The world is changing rapidly, demanding that we re-think the nature and purpose of education. We need to understand and consider that school and youth programs are where children spend most of their time. The assembly line system of education with rigid standardized testing and efforts to create uniformity is unlikely produce the inspired lifelong learners we will need to navigate the changes ahead.

“We help you find your positive core…”

PCC assumes that every youth organization, school, and educational organization has untapped stories of excellence and that telling these stories releases positive energy and inspires creativity.

PCC believes that having a maximum mix of stakeholders – students, parents, teachers, educators, community members, leaders, business people, elders, and more – “in the room” during conversations of creating change and strategy processes will always lead to the best results.

PCC advocates strengths-based practices, including Appreciative Inquiry, in work with education and youth communities. Our role is to support education and youth communities and the individuals that work in these communities in order to help build capacity within these systems.

“Our words create our worlds, and the questions we ask shape it …”

PCC understands that our school systems, educators, and youth evolve in the direction of the images and dreams we create and the questions we ask about ourselves and our communities.  Our behavior in the present is influenced by the future we anticipate. When communities focus on growing the best of what is and has been – peak experiences, human ideals, and achievements – these things tend to thrive.