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Voices of Learners October 12-16, 2009

The week of October 12 is going to be different this year.  For an entire week, the eyes of Stark County citizens will turn to schools and youth.

The spotlight will shine on students and teachers, youth organizations and schools that are flourishing, that use their strengths to accomplish great things, and to make a difference in their communities.

PCC is co-sponsoring with the Stark County Educational Service Center an event that is not like anything Stark County has seen before.  Students, teachers, community leaders, parents, and visitors from near and far will convene conversations about excellence.

  • October 12 and 16 will be devoted to field site visits around Stark County and northeast Ohio
  • October 13 is the celebration kick-off at the new and beautiful GlenOak High School in Plain Local Schools
  • October 14 will be at the Timken Senior High School Campus, where students’ graduation rates and achievement are leaping upward
  • October 15 will be at Stark State College, a day to congratulate local schools of higher education for their many contributions to our community and our young people

Sound intriguing? We hope so!

If you’re from Stark County, we need you, your students and staff to help finalize our plans, nominate your outstanding programs, and to come join us as we explore teaching and learning in hands on, intergenerational groups.  It will be fun, join us – you’ll be glad you did!

And to those of you elsewhere in the world, please “Watch This Space”.

We’ll be posting some updates to share our journey with you between now and October – and we know we’ll have lots of news to share with you after the event!

Voices Of Learners Registration Form

Please email Joyce Lemke or call her on 330-705-0793 if you you have any questions or would like further information.

Congratulations Canton

Last year, Positive Change Core worked with Canton, Ohio to create an intergenerational ‘Leap Of Learning’ – “Flourishing Canton”. Can a rush belt community flourish in the 21st Century?

Part of the Leap of Learning’s outcome were 3 core strategies to achieve a Flourishing Canton, driven by the community, in particular its young people.

Flourishing Canton Design Phase

We want to take the time to say congratulations for realizing your strategies! To see what they are doing, visit their website: Act 3 CantonTeens Working for Teens to Actively Create a better Tomorrow“.

It has been a privilege to work with you!
You can read more about the Positive Change Core Leap Of Learning Process with Canton, Ohio in our ‘stories’ section.