“What Works!” 26 Oct to 14 Nov

What Works! is designed to shine a spotlight on strengths-based approaches to preschool teacher–driven change in early childhood learning environments.

The conference will be conducted entirely online, so participants may attend whenever their schedules permit.

The real-time workshops will be recorded and made available to attendees throughout the conference.

Co-sponsored by a wide range of agencies and organizations dedicated to the education and welfare of California’s youngest children, this online conference is underwritten in part by a grant from the Packard Foundation to the Institute for Teaching and in part by additional funding from the California Teachers Association.

The conference is open for registration to anyone who is interested in or passionate about early childhood education.

What_WorksThere is no conference fee for members of the sponsoring organizations or for preschool teachers and daycare providers.

For other interested people, the fee is only $79 USD for three weeks!

What_Works 02For more information and to register visit the conference website.

Dick Gale
Manager/Program Director
California Teachers Association
Institute for Teaching
(619) 683-3990

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