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Charting The Future

March 19, 2008 Meeting Notes

This meeting represents the fundamental and foundational discussions towards a restructure.

I.  Identify next steps: PCC Structure

What is the appropriate tax structure to support a social business?

  • Two organizations (Not-for-Profit and For-Profit) with separate tax structures included under an umbrella. This will enable the Not-for-Profit to pursue grants (local emphasis per project and national for more universal activities) and gifts. Each entity is dynamic: multiple satellites using a common official address and contact. Question: How do we structure the umbrella entity?
  • Not-for-Profit will focus on projects such as summits
  • For-Profit will develop products (publications, manuals, workbooks, etc.) with authors,  and deliver meeting and training support services
  • Gina will investigate business structure as LLC. What are the costs?
  • Shelia shared information about corporations, LLC-B, that are designed to meet rigorous standards for human services, the environment, and financial support for local communities.

To create a social business, what is the problem that we are trying to solve?

  • Individuals and organizations are looking for options for positive approaches with youth (Seekers)
  • Individuals and organizations engaged in efforts to use positive approaches want information about successful experiences to assess potential use in their organizations (Engagers)
  • Seekers and Engagers desire training and support services to increase knowledge and guide their activities
  • Communication across whole systems and communities of Seekers and Engagers is essential. This communication can be virtual or terrestrial (in a room). Organizers and coordinators of change activity often lack the skill, resources, and time to manage the myriad types and forms of communication available to them.
  • Cost of forming business and acquiring tools will be built into the financial plan. Investors will be repaid from profit. Costs include: Virtual meeting support tools: Microsoft LiveMeeting (preferred) @ $600 /year; website development and maintenance; publication channel ($7 each @ 200 copies)

What are the products/services that will solve the problem?

  • Products: publishing – books, manuals
  • Services: training, virtual/terrestrial meeting support

Board reconstitution: Who do we need? What resources are necessary?

  • Shelia will gather names of current board members

II.  What is our business plan?

  • Timeline
  • Finances
  • Marketing

III. What is the status of our current product list?

Lead Learner Manual

  • Gina and Nancy are currently working on Section 3.
  • Prepare hardcopy book and a download
  • Working on $15 strategy

Lead Learner Training

  • Gina and Nancy will conduct a pre-conference training session in June 2009 at the Canton gathering

Marge/Joyce book

  • Joyce ahs reviewed completed work and is pleased with product.
  • Book is 2/3 completed

IV.  What else should we be focusing on to redefine PCC?

  • There is lots more to do.

V.  International Education Conference

  • Current status of Core Team – Deferred

International Education Conference Planning Meeting, February 2008

The International Education Conference Planning Meeting was a virtual and terrestrial success. Attendees used innovative technology to identify characteristics for key portfolios (teams). We determined that organizing for a successful multi-dimensional international experience in 2009 is too ambitious. The emphasis is on “success”. We will host a trial gathering in June 2009 in Canton, Ohio.

Congratulations to all who participated in this momentus meeting.

Logo & Website Design

New Name: From Positive Change CORPS to Positive Change CORE

Our new logo and website are an evolution for Positive Change Core to match our the evolution of our name and also, move us to the next phase of building a virtual community.

Blogs, OpenSource? Why this type of ‘web’Site?

We have opted to use an OpenSource template, with a ‘blog’ interface, thanks to WordPress and Tarski. The reasoning behind this includes intent: we are an open system, who believes in sharing knowledge and providing services, and we are passionate about two communcation. Such an website, which technically is a ‘blogsite’ allows you to communicate easily with us – through comments, stories and sending us resources – and also in time, through a wiki function, and ways that haven’t even been designed yet.

Colored Candy / Lollies / Sweets = Maximum Mix

We explored many concepts before choosing this colourful design. The reason behind this is that inherent in our work is the learning and believe that a maximum mix of stakeholders – students, parents, teachers, educators, community members, leaders, business people and more… – in the room during our conversation, change and strategy processes will always lead to the best results.

Thanks to…

Special acknowledgements and thanks go to Zern Liew for the site design and Natalie Shell for concept and perservence. The communications team, including Debbie Morris and Pam Lowry’s work prior to this site were also crucial in moving us forward. Together they worked collaboratively with other members of the PCC to get the site we now have.