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New Name: From Positive Change CORPS to Positive Change CORE

Our new logo and website are an evolution for Positive Change Core to match our the evolution of our name and also, move us to the next phase of building a virtual community.

Blogs, OpenSource? Why this type of ‘web’Site?

We have opted to use an OpenSource template, with a ‘blog’ interface, thanks to WordPress and Tarski. The reasoning behind this includes intent: we are an open system, who believes in sharing knowledge and providing services, and we are passionate about two communcation. Such an website, which technically is a ‘blogsite’ allows you to communicate easily with us – through comments, stories and sending us resources – and also in time, through a wiki function, and ways that haven’t even been designed yet.

Colored Candy / Lollies / Sweets = Maximum Mix

We explored many concepts before choosing this colourful design. The reason behind this is that inherent in our work is the learning and believe that a maximum mix of stakeholders – students, parents, teachers, educators, community members, leaders, business people and more… – in the room during our conversation, change and strategy processes will always lead to the best results.

Thanks to…

Special acknowledgements and thanks go to Zern Liew for the site design and Natalie Shell for concept and perservence. The communications team, including Debbie Morris and Pam Lowry’s work prior to this site were also crucial in moving us forward. Together they worked collaboratively with other members of the PCC to get the site we now have.

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