Charting The Future

March 19, 2008 Meeting Notes

This meeting represents the fundamental and foundational discussions towards a restructure.

I.  Identify next steps: PCC Structure

What is the appropriate tax structure to support a social business?

  • Two organizations (Not-for-Profit and For-Profit) with separate tax structures included under an umbrella. This will enable the Not-for-Profit to pursue grants (local emphasis per project and national for more universal activities) and gifts. Each entity is dynamic: multiple satellites using a common official address and contact. Question: How do we structure the umbrella entity?
  • Not-for-Profit will focus on projects such as summits
  • For-Profit will develop products (publications, manuals, workbooks, etc.) with authors,  and deliver meeting and training support services
  • Gina will investigate business structure as LLC. What are the costs?
  • Shelia shared information about corporations, LLC-B, that are designed to meet rigorous standards for human services, the environment, and financial support for local communities.

To create a social business, what is the problem that we are trying to solve?

  • Individuals and organizations are looking for options for positive approaches with youth (Seekers)
  • Individuals and organizations engaged in efforts to use positive approaches want information about successful experiences to assess potential use in their organizations (Engagers)
  • Seekers and Engagers desire training and support services to increase knowledge and guide their activities
  • Communication across whole systems and communities of Seekers and Engagers is essential. This communication can be virtual or terrestrial (in a room). Organizers and coordinators of change activity often lack the skill, resources, and time to manage the myriad types and forms of communication available to them.
  • Cost of forming business and acquiring tools will be built into the financial plan. Investors will be repaid from profit. Costs include: Virtual meeting support tools: Microsoft LiveMeeting (preferred) @ $600 /year; website development and maintenance; publication channel ($7 each @ 200 copies)

What are the products/services that will solve the problem?

  • Products: publishing – books, manuals
  • Services: training, virtual/terrestrial meeting support

Board reconstitution: Who do we need? What resources are necessary?

  • Shelia will gather names of current board members

II.  What is our business plan?

  • Timeline
  • Finances
  • Marketing

III. What is the status of our current product list?

Lead Learner Manual

  • Gina and Nancy are currently working on Section 3.
  • Prepare hardcopy book and a download
  • Working on $15 strategy

Lead Learner Training

  • Gina and Nancy will conduct a pre-conference training session in June 2009 at the Canton gathering

Marge/Joyce book

  • Joyce ahs reviewed completed work and is pleased with product.
  • Book is 2/3 completed

IV.  What else should we be focusing on to redefine PCC?

  • There is lots more to do.

V.  International Education Conference

  • Current status of Core Team – Deferred