Leap of Learning

A “Leap Of Learning” (LOL) is what we call our facilitated process. Typically, it is in the form of a 2 day conversation/summit co-created by us and the community that invites us. For instance, our most recent LOL, in Canton, Ohio, USA, was a collaboration with Canton’s young leadership and Stark County Educators and Positive Change Core (PCC).

As you know your community best, all LOL’s focus are driven by you and are designed to respond to the topics and challenges facing your community. Canton’s choice, for instance, was to Create “Bold Strategies” for a “Flourishing Canton”. (You can read more about the Canton LOL here in our Story section)

A key innovation in PCC’s process is that youth are always present in the conversation. As many of us adults have seen, their participation and involvement has far enriched the dialogue and outcomes. An example: a debate begun over which of the two successful young leadership programs operating in a community should be axed. A 15year old man listened quietly and then asked: If we have enough resources, is there a reason why there can’t be two? The debate fell silent.

Needless to say, that community still has two great leadership programs.

Intrigued? To find out more about hosting a Leap Of Learning to grow what’s best in your youth and/or education organization or community, simply contact us and start the conversation.

We look forward to leaping together!

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