2008 Annual Positive Change Core Meeting

Thank you to everyone who participated on March 1, 2008 in Deerfield, FL either in person at the Hampden Inn or virtually. This was an extraordinary meeting for PCC. We acknowledged that we are at a critical crossroad in our evolution. We have a rich history of working with school communities that want to change direction to using positive approaches with youth. The experience in our membership attests to the strong commitment and significant skills that we can continue to provide. Our chaordic design products are withstanding tests of use in multiple environments.

We decided that it is time to move forward in a direction that will support an involved international community of people who recognize the fundamental value of investment in the quality and experience our youth in educational and developmental arenas. Our Lead Learner product is on schedule and we expect a 2008 publication. Other publications are in progress and we established 2008 production goals.

We embraced the objectives of the International Education Conference and will support organizational activities.

Positive Change Core will move forward throughout 2008. We will embrace new opportunities, explore innovation, and emerge as an energetic and engaging beacon for positive approaches with youth in education and other organizations.