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April 15 2008 – A Foundation

In this meeting, we made critical structural decisions and set a path for the future.

I. Updates on Current Activities

Structural Definition

  • PCC will pursue a single social business entity. The social business will be an LLC-B. The structure will be broad enough to include international personnel and activities. Currently, there is a core of active people, primarily in the US, but the span of interest and collaboration is global. For example, the business should accommodate products and services performed in Australia. The implications of an international business are under review.
  • From the international perspective, a quick web-glance indicates that social businesses may exist, but not prominently.
  • The nature of the business is a ‘relationship broker’. PCC will connect positive change activities to funding, services, and tools. It will promote and support collaborations. The business design enables measurement of impact and reach of positive approaches in schools and youth organizations.
  • Income from the business will support the activities of PCC in schools, communities, and youth organizations.


  • PCC is exploring incorporation as an LLC in Florida, Illinois, and Washington. The business will pursue a B designation, institutionalizing commitment to act in the best interests of current/past employees, the environment, stakeholders, and the locations in which we operate.
  • We know that the B designation is OK in Washington.
  • At the end of the fiscal year, the LLC will not have a profit, however a reasonable contingency account is appropriate.
  • A key factor in determining the state for incorporation is cost.

Board of Directors

  • We have a list of potential members of the board of directors. We will determine the number and composition based on a structure of roles and responsibilities (board, management, employees, and contractors).
  • PCC members on the call are candidates for the board.


  • PCC will not pursue a new not-for-profit (NFP) incorporation. However, research into the description and status of the current Delaware incorporation will enable a decision to drop or maintain the Positive Change Corps name.
  • We determined that the primary reason for keeping a NFP is to apply for grants. However, our role is to connect schools and youth organizations with funders. We are not their competitors.
  • We will choose to amend the existing DE incorporated name to DBA Positive Change Core  if the cost is reasonable. If the cost is high, we will not maintain the DE incorporation.

II. Funding

  • PCC has about $100 in its account. We need to identify startup costs, such as incorporation, virtual meeting services, and website.
  • A recommendation to establish an a $200 fee was made. We will review this suggestion when startup cost research has been completed.

III. Deferred Topics:

  • 2009 Canton Gathering (Joyce)
    • Status
    • What are the support needs from PCC?
  • What else should we be focusing on to redefine PCC?
  • There is a lot more to do.
  • International Education Conference and Current status of Core Team

IV. Next Steps for Next Meeting: May 20, 2008 at 6:00pm EDT

  • Incorporation (Gina and Shelia). Research and make final recommendations for incorporation. Recommendation should include: state, type of tax structure (LLC-B), and determination of existing DE corporation.
  • Board of Directors (Shelia and Gina). Shelia will develop draft roles and responsibilities. Gina will consolidate lists of potential candidates for further review.
  • Startup Costs (All). Shelia will present three options for virtual meeting services. Key factors include services, participant load, and cost. Gina and Shelia will identify cost of incorporation as part of their recommendation. Shelia will identify costs associated with the PCC website. Everyone is invited to recommend items that will be necessary to begin our business. Please email Shelia and Gina (symcats@msn.com and Hinrichs@geneseo.net)

Moving Forward Innovatively

Positive Change Core is moving forward in a striking new direction. We are reviewing business structures to optimize our opportunities to link schools and youth organizations to funders, tools, and resources to support introduction and utilization of positive approaches.

Our excitement is building with every decision! We aren’t ready to announce our new look but we want you to know that PCC recognizes increasing global and national awareness of positive approaches and related activities in schools and youth organizations. We are ready to support and encourage and and, soon, we will have the structure to make things happen…in BIG ways.

Join us as we make our journey. Follow our progress on our website.

Join Us

As a collaborative community we are always looking to connect with those who also wish to, or already do, serve youth and education communities.

There are many ways to join us. These include:

  • Partnering with the Positive Change Core: A leading provider of innovative services for the transformation of educational communities and systems, our mission is to partner with schools and youth to build on the best of what already exists and create the brightest, most imaginative future possible. We are dedicated to producing rapid, sustainable, contagious transformation.
    • If you wish to explore an opportunity to bring our services and skills to elevate your education or youth community please contact PCC for a conversation by email PCC Founder, Marge Schiller, P.h.D: margeschiller”AT”yahoo.com [please replace “AT” with @]
  • This Website: contributing in the form of comments, and stories and sharing of resources. Keeping us updated on relevant events, stories and so forth.
  • PCC Daily Listserve – A daily digest with emails from and to our community sharing knowledge, questions and resources. By placing your name on our moderated list serve, you will receive announcements, reminders, follow up notes, and requests from other PCC members to your email account. 
  • Monthly Phone Calls
    • PCC members are invited to call into an audio-conference phone number to share what’s exciting, successes, tools, and requests for help. Our phone call is scheduled for the SECOND Monday of each month at 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. The phone number is 508-995-6619 pin 102. If you are on the PCC list serve, you will receive a reminder each month. We hope you will be able to join us in our ongoing conversation.

We also host monthly topic calls with experts – find out more in our events section.

Our Services

The Positive Change Core provides a process and structure for education, schools and youth communities and/or systems to engage in conversations designed to facilitate change.

We bring a proven innovative process, “Leap of Learnings” (LOL), that we evolve and personalise together with you for your community. We do this by co-creating and facilitating inter-generational and -discipline conversations that are the catalyst for rapid, sustainable and contagious transformation.

In gathering the whole community together in an appreciative context, the recognition and acknowledgement of existing strengths supports change at the speed of imagination.

Our engagement with Canton, Ohio is a good example of how this works. You can read the story here.

To find out more about our “Leap Of Learning” or to partner with us please contact us.